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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the end. and now...

my best line (?)

"the dwarves are all busy."

it's 2:30 am, it's snowing again in Jerusalem, and i just got back from our last 2 performances of Man of LaMancha. It was fun, and a lot more successful than i had thought. I really hit a point about 2 weeks ago where i thought the show was going to be a total disaster. But it wasn't. People really really enjoyed it. We sold out or at least filled up most of the shows, and every performance ended with an audience that was excited, happy and moved.

The director of Guild, the Ra'anana English-speaking theatre group, approached me after today's 5pm show and asked me to come audition for their next production, and to maybe see about joining their permanent company. That's quite an exciting offer, but Ra'anana is more than 2 hours away by bus, and I don't have a car. So we'll see what's up with that.

In the meantime, i popped some Ny-Quil to kill my cough, and I need to get some sleep.



jayrog said...

always leave them wanting more... I wish i could have seen your scene

zk said...

The boy is comment starved...and he thinks just cause I don't comment, I don't read. But I read, I read.
And it only makes me miss him more.
Maybe, some day I can be knighted by the inn keeper.
Mazel tov, sucka...

Anonymous said...

my brother, the up-and-coming actor in israel...i feel honored to have fought and tortured him all those years of my life

Unknown said...

hope you feel better soon!