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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WanderingStu is all over the place

We had 2 decent performances last night in Tel Aviv. I did quite well, and even got some hearty laughs at a few unexpected moments. Lets just hope I don't ham it up to much at those moments tomorrow night...

Meanwhile, my next environmental Torah is online, front page at Canfei Nesharim this week only. I've edited or ghost-written or totally rewritten several of the pieces in the past weeks, but this is only the second piece that is credited to me. It's all about the evils of the gold mining industry... I have another piece up next week as well.

Today was a rest day after our opening night. Me and my new superpal Rebecca went to a yoga class and then had Indian food at the little place in the shuk (the Jerusalem bazaar, right by my house). When we got there Tzvi, the yoga guy, was already there and chowing down. Somehow he had zipped across town way faster than us (and hadn't even offered us a ride!). After the meal, the waitress gave us cards for 2 free classes at Tzvi's yoga studio. I asked him if I could get some of my money back, since he was handing it out fer free. He refused. Rebecca guffawed. I let him know i was kidding, so he wouldn't feel bad.

I've been slamming echinacea, zinc, vitamin C & herbal lozenges for the past few days, and I still have a head full of dark phlegm. Fer cryin' out loud, i did YOGA and had INDIAN FOOD instead of a burger--- give me some health this week. i NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my current list of unlimited use subscriptions in Jerusalem:

- The bus. 220 shekels (one month of free rides. paid for by work)
- The Cinematheque. 300 shekels (good until november)
- Yoga Shalom. 280 shekels (one months of free rides)

this is some other guy, playing the same role as me. ---->
he has a bigger apron.

Oh yeah! Also, at work yesterday, the gang showed up for their 4-month program. 72 high school grads from Australia and South Africa. I met my chavura, the group of 18 for whom I will be directly responsible. We sat outside in a patch of sun as I introduced myself. When I told them that I was vanishing for a week to do the show, they demanded a scene. So I grabbed three of them put them in the roles of Don Quixote, Sancho and Aldonza, and sang my song, "Knight of the Woeful Countenance," in which I, a humble innkeeper, am given the honor (?) of dubbing Don Quixote a knight.

Good times.


Anonymous said...

red neck aunt says,happy it's good times now for you.May it continue.

Anonymous said...

you have quite a week to get through. how is it that both of us get sick at the same time but live in completely different continents? feel better and break a leg for the rest of the week.

Simon said...

Don quixote de la mancha...
having proven today in terrible and glooorious combat
I heeeeereby dub theeeeeee knight.

But your Lordship....

Didn't I do it right?

Well, it is customary to give the new knight a name......

(drum roll)
Haaaaail knight of the woeful countenance.

etc etc