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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Social Networking Utilities allow me to be Me-- Facebook Status Reports, vol 1

Quicker and more incisive than a blog entry, my Facebook status reports give delicious little snappy bites of where I'm at and how I'm feeling at any moment.

I wonder if this is an historical moment in Web 2.0- the Blogging of a Facebook status. Get ready folks. Here are a few good ones from the past few weeks:

  • yearns for the black gospel spirit of America
  • thinks it's all out to slap him in the face
  • is about to be flooded by Latinos
  • doesn't quite know
  • is officially working for BIMA this summer!!
  • is in bed at 7:30 PM and loves it


Unknown said...

i read the news from time to time and then this article caught my eye."Moses was high on drugs: Israeli researcher" CRAZY!

Micha said...

Shimshon - You, like R' Nachman, are an incredible light in the world - and since you crave black Gospel America, your light is mo brighter than Martin Luther King jr himself, Amen.

I SYmpathize or rather synthesize with yo energies and understanding in the hitpael