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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

White Wednesday

It's snowing in Jerusalem. Not just a sprinkling either, though it's no Ukrainian blizzard, as the young soldier girl with whom I shared a cab this morning disdainfully suggested. The only vehicles on the street are police cars and taxis. The intrepid, enterprising cab drivers are flinging out impromptu engorged prices for a wild, seat belt-free tour of the empty city. Luckily I'm getting reimbursed for the cab, being one of two people in our office who came in this morning.

Ah, the noble pioneering spirit of the single man!

In other news, my boots, which I've had since my last Israeli era, in 1998, have finally given up. Between last year's snows and today, they must have dried out a bit, because they did nothing to protect my socks. Always bring a spare pair of socks, folks. The Vibram souls are immaculate. Not that I wore the boots every day, but I seem to wear out a Naot or Crocs soul in less than a year. Good boots. Swiss. Bought in Israel for less than $100.

Now I get to go shopping!!
Well, the truth is that living in Jerusalem, there are only about 2 boot days a year. In muddy Bat Ayin, I wore them for months at a time. So maybe I won't get new boots just yet. But now that I've earmarked the money, let's go out for sushi...

You gotta love Israel-
Here's one of the "talkback" comments on the Jerusalem Post's web piece about the snow:

2. Not an Unexpected Victim - Rather An "Act of G-d"
The storm is coming. Y--- thunders, the earth quakes. Add another percentage of disapproval to Olmert's numbers -- G-d himself is voting! "Din", judgement, is now walking in the land. It's time for everyone to get their act together!
Ovadiah ben Avraham - Israel (01/29/2008 12:06)

"Y---" is, of course, a translated and pious form of the Four-Letter Name of God.


Unknown said...

Glad to see it snowing somewhere. Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Hope things are well with you. Maybe we'll catch up this summer.
Peace! Luke

Anonymous said...

were you in beer sheva in the winter of 1999 when it snowed? unbelievable. white powder in the desert--not the hunter s. thompson kind--the real cold heavy stuff!

looks amazing. keren was actually born on a snow day in jerusalem. her family nicknamed her "shalgiah"--snow white.

what's the word in israel on the presidential race? who is better for israel: barack or hillary? or should we stop asking this question and think who is simply better?