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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i sit at work

I am a terrible worker. It was a problem at Mad Science. It was a problem at The Temple. I always manage to get my job sort of done- enough that i don't get in trouble with my superiors, who generally like me. But nonetheless, I spend hours, days, weeks sitting at my desk doing nearly nothing. I adjust fonts on documents. I sort papers. I add music to iTunes. I read celebrity news on Yahoo! I snack. I drink lots of water. I do so many damn stupid things, but i DON'T WORK DILIGENTLY.

And i fear it will make me insane.

In a few weeks, I have several courses to teach. One in Bibliodrama and one in Bible. I can fudge my way through, sure, and something will come together, but I have this time, NOW, to plan, to be prepared, to do some pedagogical innovation, but instead, I'm posting this to you.


and to make it worse, i can't seem to get the text in this post to go any smaller. don't know why

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yitz said...

I know exactly what you're talking about :)

i'm going through it right now, and sometimes i do work-fasts where i won't let myself do anything not directly work-related for entire days at a time ---talk about the most boring days on the planet. It doesn't seem to help.

Overall i think it's a good avodah, for me to try and overcome my tendency to towards doing anything but that which i'm responsible to do.

personally i think its a symptom of the generation.. not really my own personal flaw, but whatever, i still gotta stay employed..