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Thursday, January 24, 2008

here i come

After a long meeting with Bradley Solmsen, which included dinner, a witty IM chat with Dan Held and my first interview on the other side of the table (me and Brad teamed up on a new prospect- i asked a poorly-conceived question and got embarrassed), it has been basically decided that I will be returning to the world of Genesis-BIMA @ Brandeis University for my second summer.

I hope to be in the States, including New York and maybe Florida and/or Atlanta: around 18 June- 16 August. I will be at @ Brandeis University from around 22 June - 30 July.

See you then, perhaps.

New Yorkers- prepare your guest beds!


Anonymous said...

congrats! can't wait to see you in the boston area! cdb

jayrog said...

I already set up some hay and burlap in the corner (should be comfortable. I'm working on a honey bucket :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!!!!!!
Mattie and I have a room waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

Red Neck Aunt says how about lunch?
New dining places since last you were here.
Looking forward to seeing you.

Simon said...

Stu, thanks for announcing your sojourn with a little more lead time this year. I am in RI, and I would love to sit with you for a chat. It's been over 15 years, my friend. I'm sure that this will be the easiest form of communicating with you, but if you have a phone number sometime in the future, please let me know, k?