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Thursday, December 20, 2007

A dream of Cannes, sung to a Chord of Blood

If I was living in America right now, I would drop everything and dedicate the next 2 years of my life to making a film based on this story (<-- click there, for the uninitiated). Over the past year and a half, 13 Mexican country musicians have been murdered. Assassinated, I'd say. Some of them in some nasty gangland execution style.Three of them in the past 2 1/2 weeks. And no one is quite sure exactly what's going on.

This has got to be one of the most gripping thriller scenarios I've ever heard. And imagine the music that would go with this flick..

In fact, if someone's willing to put out the first, let's say, $9,000, and help out with the project down the line, I'll start research tomorrow, and come back to the States in February, after my musical sizzles the Israeli stage. I have the dual part of the Governor/Inkeeper, and a solo song to boot.

I figure that The Man of LaMancha is a good prep to a project like this, anyway.

Welcome to the New Wanderingstu. More to come on that.


protojay said...

Very exciting! Love the new look, but what happenned to all the content from the old site, the archives, the pics, etc...

No looking back I suppose.

What song are you going to perform?

Let's talk about this other project some more. I don't have nine grand to drop, but I have an idea on how we might be to pull it together.

Stu said...

This is stu. i am testing comments. more info on accessing the archives soon.

doc b said...

out of the darkness and into the white!!!
love the new background. half full indeed.

Simon said...

DongQuijote de La Mancha
Having proven yourself today in terrible and GLORIOUS combat
and by my authority as lord of this castle...

I heeerebyyyyy dub theeeee KNIGHT!