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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I woke up Christmas morning, and had a strong memory of wintery holiday mornings at the Meade house in Pottstown, PA. Realizing the time difference, I figured that Tommy and Chris and the family were having some whiskey nightcaps in the warm kitchen, maybe after a nice hearty dinner.

I yearned for some family Christmas cheer with my old friends. At the least, I reasoned, I should get some eggnog. But where? Then I thought of the small selection of markets in town that cater to American immigrants- places where you can find a Dr. Pepper or an A & W, some Snyder's Honey Mustard Pretzels, a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Alas, I realized, these are American Jewish immigrants, and so the demand for nog is most likely limited-- these Israeli-American Jews take their Jewiness so seriously...

Oh well, I sighed (an internal sigh), at least I can blog my desire for eggnog.

I left the house for an appointment, figuring I would have my nog need online before America awoke into Christmas. As I was walking through the neighborhood, I got a text message from Ariel Elisha:


Intoxicated with glorious synchronicity, I called Elisha posthaste, and the plan was afoot.

Several hours later, we sat in my room, sipping our homemade concoction, listening to Frank and Bing sing all those Jew-authored Yuletide classics and feeling, at least for that moment, that the two halves of our lives were not so far from each other.

And that's the short of it.



Muz said...

stuart! can't find your email address. i'm coming to israel jan 17 and it will be UNACCEPTABLE if we fail to meet again, now that apparently you are not longer a settler/rabbinic student (really? what happened?).
write me at
big hugs -

yitz.. said...

very uncivil of you to not post your original eggnogg recipe..

glad you enjoyed