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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Might as Well Face It...

Am I a workaholic?

funny about the english addiction words. they're like the extended fund-raising event words- they take a paradigmatic word and just haphazardly cut it in half, adding new initial syllables to create a bastardized hybrid word that everyone understands.

Marathon was a town in Greece. People ran a long way to get there from Athens.
Now you can do a walkathon or a bikeathon or a telathon or a sale-a-thon or a funkathon or a smirkathon or any kind of Thon you wish, and they all mean that it's gonna go on for longer than you want, and in the end there will be some sort of achievement.

if you're an addict of some sort, you're an aholic. which means nothing. it's just the end of alcohol with a suffix added to indicate "one who is really into the preceding half a word +ahol."

shouldn't a chocolate addict be a chocolitic?

am I a workic?

{see kids- the blog isn't dead. just lying whimpering in a ditch somewhere}


Unknown said...

dear stu
thanks for the laugh. is english really the only language to "bastardize" words? I know the leader of the free world does it so it must be ok. jk
peace lukr

joanna said...

there is a vein of thought that all "holics" are just people with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

eitanhalevy said...

Hey there. Was inspired by your entry to look up "Marathon." The Wikipedia entry makes for interesting reading... if you're a classics geek, that is:,_Greece.

It was great seeing you at the wedding. I hope the performances went well.